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By October 5, 2018 Let's Travel

“Just because you woke up this morning and ASSURED yourself you are NOT brilliant,doesn’t change the FACT that you actually are.Just because you have tried everything that you know of and it’s still not working out, doesn’t change the FACT that it’s going to work out somehow.Just because you woke up feeling like you are not the most beautiful person doesn’t change the fact that your God’s masterpiece and your just perfect to someone.You are brilliant you better believe that.

“It’s 5am & i need to wake up. I try to look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that i have to be brilliant today, it doesn’t matter if i had barely slept, i had the longest night ever (story for another day).It’s time to rise & shine star shine.When you wake up, you can’t just wait to see what kind of day you’ll have.You have to decide what kind of day you’ll have; am deciding to have a good day.I prep myself hurriedly and rush to our meeting point at blue post hotel in Thika. I meet my fellow early birds and we get to know each other as we wait for our bus.To where you ask?We are headed to the TAFARIA CASTLE in Laikipia county.Again you ask?Yes again, this place is pretty addictive, you just want to go & go & go again, it’s beautiful like that and there ‘s absolutely no reason not to do the things that set your soul on fire.

We get picked and off we go to our lil haven.

Once upon a dream, at a time of great hardship, adventure & isolation, a young African found himself at the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains. As he grew up here, enveloped in a harsh wilderness, unto him came an immortal dream, the dream now stands as THE TAFARIA CASTLE.

This amazing beautiful place is ideal for relaxation, rejuvenation, meeting and special occasions like weddings & honeymoons.

It’s quite a long journey but finally we arrive safely.We are warmly welcomed with a glass of cold juice.

After the warm welcome, we head straight to our team building session.

And then it was time to eat, fun till you drop!

Apparently, there was this competition that no one knew about until we saw this pics,


Did you notice the competition?ha ha ha, if you know, you know.

Catching up on how awesome E.M.S is for bringing us to this paradise.

It looks like my Tafaria beau has found a new beau, this bae’s aint loyal.But it’s okay.

First birthday in a promised land.

Lets forget it all,Let’s be happy in the moment.Let’s help you have this beautiful memories.

Let us bring out the model in you.

“let me show you how its done ma'” Mother & son moments.

I mean you would be crazy not to get caught up in this moments.

& it’s time for swimming……….

Who wouldn’t be excited?Even lil champ over here can’t wait.

Relax , take a break & enjoy all this.Take it all in, it’s allowed.

To spice all this up, we had to celebrate September King’s & queens in the best way we know how.

You can have your cake and eat it when it’s your birthday (literally) ha ha.

Happy Birthday September Kings & Queens, we wish you the best year ahead, joy, peace & happiness.

September King’s and Queens.

Dear future husband, please know that your the one delaying our gate aways,first we have the best Tours & travel company (Ease my Safari), i have this amazing places i want us to experience, you better love traveling or i might just force you to.Also know that i have a list of where i want us to go, hope you will love them, i know you will, i mean why would you not? Your gal is ready, our travel company is ready to.Please hurry so we can make this memories why we are still young. Ha ha ha.

I never understand why awesome day come to an end so fast.It was already 5pm and we needed to be on our way back.

Don’t forget that there is no limit to how radiant,alive and irresistable you can be, Let us help you feel alive again.

#It’s never a dull moment.

Let’s travel the world.

Traveling is life.

Next adventure we are conquering “THE FOREST’ on 13th October 2018 and Ngare Ndare Forest & Mt. Kenya Hike on 20th & 21st October 2018.Be sure to join us.We promise to make it worthwhile.



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