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A Cute Baby Dressed As a Cub Confuses ‘The Hell Out Of Real’ Lions

By On February 11, 2018

When 11-month-old Aryeh’s family took him to the zoo, they decided to dress him as a little cub, just for fun. And everyone knows that no visit to the zoo is final… Read More


Cute meerkats use photographer as look-out post

By On December 8, 2017

Wildlife photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, during a trip in Botswana, having gone to photograph his favorite creatures, Meercats. He spent 6 days photo graphing the meerkat family for a magazine. The cute babies… Read More


The Magnificent Karuru Falls – The Highest & Tallest Waterfall in Kenya

By On June 6, 2017

Karuru Falls in the Aberdares National Park is a place of many unique wonders of nature. The waterfall is the highest and tallest in Kenya — a breathtaking sight that plunges 273… Read More


Kereita Forest “The Forest”

By On May 20, 2017

Kereita Forest also known as ‘The Forest’ is located in the southern most end of the Aberdares Ranges and has many outdoor interesting activities like the Zip Lining (in the jungle as… Read More


Ngare Ndare Indigenous Forest

By On May 20, 2017

Ngare Ndare (Maa for “goats water”) is a lush indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. The forest is a vital corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya,… Read More