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VIDEO: Mother elephant leaps into the river to rescue her calf from the raging waters

By On May 12, 2018

A 3 weeks wild baby elephant lost his balance and was swept downstream by ranging river waters, the protective mother did the unthinkable and leaped into the river to save her son.… Read More

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18 Months old wild Baby Elephant Insists On Watching Over Injured Friend While Vets Treat Him

By On May 12, 2018

Earlier last week, rangers patrolling the Maasai Mara National Reserve spotted five elephants who’d been wounded by arrows. When the rangers gathered information from nearby communities, they learned what had happened —… Read More


The pristine and untouched attractions of Lake Magadi

By On March 15, 2018

~ Lake Magadi is one of the few places in Kenya with pristine and untouched attractions, unknown to many domestic and international travelers.… Read More

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A Cute Baby Dressed As a Cub Confuses ‘The Hell Out Of Real’ Lions

By On February 11, 2018

When 11-month-old Aryeh’s family took him to the zoo, they decided to dress him as a little cub, just for fun. And everyone knows that no visit to the zoo is final… Read More


Cute meerkats use photographer as look-out post

By On December 8, 2017

Wildlife photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, during a trip in Botswana, having gone to photograph his favorite creatures, Meercats. He spent 6 days photo graphing the meerkat family for a magazine. The cute babies… Read More