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May, 2019


TRAVEL BUCKET LIST: The Annual Wildebeest Migration

By On May 29, 2019

Well, I used to wonder why risk your life in search of rich pastures? The needs of the stomach aren’t so much of a biggie, come on wildebeests. Then I remembered the… Read More



By On May 20, 2019

When someone asks about my carvings, I just yell a game animal’s name and hope the meat will fall off😂😂. Meat isn’t murder as most consider it, it’s delicious and one of… Read More


Ngare Ndare Forest: A Well Kept Secret

By On May 18, 2019

Filling my heart with adventure, having stories to tell and not stuff to show; has been my ultimate inspiration of travel lately. “It’s a big and beautiful world. Most of us live… Read More


Say “Hell Yes” to New Adventures.

By On May 3, 2019

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice😏😏. Some girls are made of adventure, herbs, brains and no fear. I am some girls. In this event, I wake up in the… Read More