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Ol Jogi Conservancy – An Up Close With Wildlife.

By On August 22, 2019

I view travel like flirting with life. It’s like saying, “I would stay and love you but I have to go, this is my station. Well, I want to see how many… Read More


FAIRVIEW ESTATE: A Coffee Experience

By On June 10, 2019

I always want someone to look at me the way I look at a travel brochure. Is that too much to ask?But before that happens, Shi is travelling for travels sake. Well,… Read More


Say “Hell Yes” to New Adventures.

By On May 3, 2019

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice😏😏. Some girls are made of adventure, herbs, brains and no fear. I am some girls. In this event, I wake up in the… Read More


THE FOREST, KEREITA: A destination with endless amount of fun

By On April 5, 2019

Most people especially Nairobians, get a fever when it comes to getting into the forest. Reason why? Its creepy in the forest. Well, with Kereita Forest, there is nothing like creepy, its… Read More


The Magnificent Karuru Falls – The Highest & Tallest Waterfall in Kenya

By On June 6, 2017

Karuru Falls in the Aberdares National Park is a place of many unique wonders of nature. The waterfall is the highest and tallest in Kenya — a breathtaking sight that plunges 273… Read More