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Kereita Forest Adrenaline Filled Adventure (Post-Valentine)

By February 20, 2017 #BornToBeWildKE

Am not a morning person but I woke up early on this special day. I said my morning prayers, gobbled down some mandazis and juice and dashed out. Besides, our trip organizers emphasized that we should be punctual –you know us African timers.

True indeed, we found all the directors at the meeting place when we arrived. Bata Hilton should be named a Kenyan landmark as most Kenyans agree to meet there when going anywhere. People should totally travel from all over the world to visit bata Hilton-lol. Actually another team which was also travelling, met there that fine morning. One of the directors took some cool photos of us.

As we stood there waiting for the rest, we were all exhilarated. We started to visualize the wonderful activities we would engage in. I for one, daydreamed of zip-lining. One of the our team-members who suddenly arrived actually is the one who snapped me out of my silly stupor. Let me confess, I was the most excited to go on this trip surely. Everyone even started to comment. It had been a long while and I needed the break. I hope my workmates will be able to join me in the next trip as we head to explore Ngare Ndare.

In no time we were all assembled in our tour bus. As customary one of us mentioned a prayer and we left. The photography session carried on in the bus.

Memories were being made and I think my adrenaline rush was clearly captured in the pictures. As we journeyed on, I became a bit more calm as I enjoyed the scenery. Truly our country Kenya is mesmerizing I tell you. No wonder we won most of the World tourist awards the previous year. At that moment, I resolved to travel and enjoy my country more.

Thank God for Ease my Safari for the amazing, well organized trips.

Our first stop- Great view point. The clouds covered the sun and there was a cool breeze.

Of course, a great place for selfies,

a photo here and there and the ‘Uhuru dab challenge.’ Mr.President, I wish you could join us. We were pretty good at it but the head of state would definitely add some spice.

One of us was quite photogenic and photo loving. Can you spot her in the photos below?

There was even a post-valentine surprise scenario. Aww… he made the girl shed some tears. Tears of joy of course.

We continued with our journey and got to Kimende where we branched from Nairobi/Nakuru Highway  to Kereita Forest. Scenery included forest and plantations.

The air was so fresh it was glorious. When our car was packed we knew we had arrived. My adrenaline started to pump up once more. There was a wooden post with some of the activities. Could you guess some of them?

We all agreed that this adventure bike should be our first stop of entertainment.

We started off as our trip organizers cleared out payments and and our tour guide, Steve came to greet us.

The “flying fox” was head of archering and seeing him made me start thinking of robbin hood. I mean wouldn’t you?

We decided to zipline first though instead of going for robin hood expeditions. Into our costumes and onto the zip line.

No one was that scared especially after our tour guides instilled confidence in us through the training before the action. We were well informed and I applaud them for doing it.

Next activity was the nature walk. We were born to wild indeed. The whole experience was so fun that people forgot to remove their zip lining gears only to realize later.

Some were getting a bit tired but we soldiered on. Among plant species was this tall and straight tree that kept on growing without a single bent or cure.

Then there was also one ‘jealous’ one that chocked others as it grew. What a contradiction between the two. Hmm, the wonders of nature can never cease,right?.

The waterfall did not have a lot of water as it was the dry season.

There were varying plant and animal species as well. There was a leaf we plucked and smelt.

It had a very pleasant smell. One of us had a bit of a snail fright, but you know, nature sometimes is not all that friendly.

What was the coolest thing was River WORD which feeds 3/5 of the people in Nairobi. Its source – the Aberdare ranges. I usually love this name –Aberdare, sounds great on the lips…don’t you think so? Alas!

The marvels of nature.

After about 1hour we were done with our nature walk and I had that feeling of writing this composition as was required in primary school ‘tene muno’- a long time ago. As I reminisced the days activities, my thoughts flowed on paper.

For More Photos See: Photos: Kereita Forest Adrenaline Filled Adventure (Post-Valentine)

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