Welcome to Kenya;
The land of adventure

Jambo and Karibu!

Ease My Safari Limited is a team-driven tours and travel company based and fully registered in Kenya. We are a team passionate about nature, culture, wildlife, and the adrenaline spirit of having fun and being away from home. We are dedicated to sharing the marvels of the magical Kenya.

We believe we are born to be wild and hence we aim at helping people experience the outdoors like they never did before, at the same time discovering & exploring nature, its beauty, Kenya and its magical awe.

Wildlife, Discover, Nature, Culture, Having Fun

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Kenya has destinations that promises you an experience that exceeds your vacation expectations. From the ultimate safari experience across the 19 national parks and game reserves such as Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo and Samburu that expose you to the majestic  grasslands, forests, towering peaks and wildlife, to the beaches and resorts that offer thrilling activities, there is just something for every traveller/adventurer.

You are at the right place, engage us and let us awe you & make your trip/safari memorable.

Welcome to Kenya; the cradle of Mankind and the land of adventure

Our Mission

We aim to amaze even more, we go beyond what’s expected, we aim at giving meaning to your safari. It should not be just any ordinary safari but a memorable safari you should live to tell in years to come.

We strive to help every outdoor enthusiast, adventurers, hikers, adrenaline filled junkies experience the outdoors like never before while ensuring satisfaction and fun to the fullest.

We don’t aim to be at the top but to be over the top. We aim at going beyond the norm & extraordinary.

Our Values

Brilliant Crafted Itinerary
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